Who is ticking in the depths of the oceans?


This question torments oceanographers from around the world for several years: who produces the so-called "tick-tock noise"? Strange sounds reminiscent of a ticking clock can be heard quite clearly - but only under certain conditions. It took ten years for scientists to give an answer. It turned out that the source of the noise is humpback whales! Scientists placed recording devices on the backs of several animals, and then analyzed the data.

Горбатые киты с помощью тиканья зовут сородичей разделить трапезу

It was found that whales produce rhythmic ticking during a joint hunt: they roam the sea in schools and notify each other of the major concentrations of krill, or large schools of fish. Once the whales hear from neighbors such a signal, they immediately float to it. This mutual help is used in the hunt at night or in deep water, because animals sometimes find a decent prey by accident. In favor of the altruistic version of ticking is the fact that those animals that hunt alone, never produce such sounds.