We Congratulate Whales and Dolphins!


World Day of Whales and DolphinsToday, July 23rd, is the World Day of Whales and Dolphins! This festival was established in 1986, when the International Whaling Commission prohibited commercial whaling.

After two hundred years of thoughtless destruction of the largest marine mammals such species as fin whales, grey whales, nortern right whales and bowhead whales are still at the edge of extinction inspite of the IWC decision. Almost all the world stopped commercial whaling, but the world's largest mammals are still not safe.

Largest populations of whales haven't yet recovered from decades of destruction. Second problem is ecology: due to human impact a lot of whales die and get damaged. About 300 thousand of whales and dolphins perish in fishnets and seines, and countless numbers of them become victims of marine pollution, echolocation and climatic changes. Besides, whaling is prohibited for commercial purposes, but still it is allowed to hunt for these mammals for scientific means. For example, ecologists accuse Japan in commercial whaling put as scientific research. Several countries haven't prohibited whaling as a part of national tradition. However, nowadays, with all technology available, this tradition often resembles mass murder. To keep this tradition alive, fishermen should hunt whales on oar boats with plain spears. 

We hope that the World Day of Whales and Dolphins would help us keep in mind the vulnerability of marine life.