We Celebrate World Water Day and Neva Crawfish Birthday Today


This coincidence has something mentally crooked in it, but today is a twice special day for our website. The world celebrates World Water Day, and the main hero of Da-Voda.com, Neva Crawfish, accepts birthday greetings from around the world. He has already received over two hundred greetings: some say how much they love him, others draw pictures and even write poetry! All these activities are pretty reasonable, since Neva Crawfish covers water conservation issues for living. It seems so inspiring for our readers! 

Neva Crawfish explains the water saving issues to the Internet users

Meanwhile, the World Water Day is celebrated for the 20th time today. The United Nations Organization claimed March 22nd the day of water issues in 1992. Ever since then, hundreds of promotion campaigns were held all over the world to reveal the scarcity of our most important resource: water. We wish all of you who read this news story could join the celebration and cut down your water spending for at least a day! 

In some African countries World Water Day is a real holiday. This picture was taken in Kenya in 2012

We wish you all clean and abundant fresh water and lots of marine life in our seas and oceans! This is really worth to struggle for.

Фото: Da-Voda.com и GPFF Kenya.