Water Will Save Murmansk From Coal Dust


More and more Russian and foreign vessels come to the Murmansk port located in the city zone. Last year sea gate accepted 17 mln tons of cargo. Besides unloading, the ships should be refueled and in most cases it is done with coal, which dust can seriously damage the ecology of the northern city. To avoid these problems harbour top-management offered a non-standard decision.

Last year sea gate accepted 17 mln tons of cargo

Today the most innovative technology of dust suppression is mist gun. It is a water reservoir, where air is faned. The water under pressure is ejected onto the surface to the surface through a special nozzle system as a mist. Small drops connect dust particles and make them fall before they get to residential areas. This technology has never been used in our country, so foreign specialists were brought for a more effective work. These machines are planned to be adjusted along whole the perimeter of the port. Now one mobile mist gun is working and according to port workers, it's really easier to breath in the area where it works.