Vodokanal of St.Petersburg Continues Saving Pinniped Pups


Today wastewater treatment plants in Repino (St. Petersburg, Russia) are being prepared for the new season of rehabilitation of seals who are in trouble. This is a continued joint project by Vodokanal of St. Petersburg and the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Centre of Leningrad Region, which they started last year. They have helped two pups of Baltic gray seal and three pups of Ladoga ringed seal.

Аll animals after rehabilitation will be released into the environment - Gulf of Finland or Ladoga Lake

This year the rehabilitation centre has expanded and it will be able to accomodate more animals if it's needed. The centre was equipped with isolation ward, individual boxes for new patients, pools, kitchen and other facilities. Specialists of the centre are constantly monitoring coastal areas and working with the local people.Vodokanal's activities for saving marine mammals are a part of its work for protecting the Baltic Sea. Last years Vodokanal of St.Petersburg reduced the amount of untreated wastewater (98.4% have been treated since October, 2013) and introduced the technology of removing nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients that stimulate flowering and growth of toxic blue -green algae. It means that the habitat of seals has become more comfortable for these animals.

If you see a baby seal, please call +7 812 699-23-99.