Vodokanal of St. Petersburg Rescues Local Pinnipeds


Water supplying company of St. Petersburg, SUE "Vodokanal" provided a building, located at Repino wastewater treatment facilities, for Marine Mammals Rescue Center of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Treatment of the local pinnipeds is performed by a team of well-known vets and zoologists who have years and years of rescuing of the Baltic pinnipeds.

Ladoga ringed seal pup, first one to be rescued at Marine Mammals Center in Repino, St. Petersburg

Right after the location issue was settled, the vets rescued their first patient – a pup of Ladoga ringed seal, male, one month old. The cub was found by tourists riding on snowmobiles on Ladoga ice. The pup was lying in the snow, surrounded by crows that tried to hurt the seal. 

– He is approximately four weeks old, – Vyacheslav Alexeyev, veterinarian, and Yelena Andriyevskaya, zoologist, say. – Normally Ladoga ringed seals are supposed to weigh about 16 kilos, while this one's body mass is only 10 kilos. Besides, his right cornea is damaged by crows.

The seal has gained some weight and willingly eats almost two kilos of Baltic herring daily

Ringed seal has been in rehab for two weeks by now: he gained some weight, learned to eat fresh Baltic herring and swims for a while. Whenever his total health is stabilized, he'll be released to the Ladoga Lake, at one of small islands located near Valaam. By the way, all Ladoga seals rescued by St. Petersburg team, are named after a tiny Ladoga Island. This one bears a royal name of Mökörikkö the Third.