Unusual Jellyfish Found in Mariana Trench


The team of scientists who conducted research in the area of the Mariana trench at a depth of 3700 meters, managed to capture an amazing creature on video. Mysterious jellyfish got into the camera lens of underwater device Deep Discoverer.

Experts believe that it belongs to the species of Crossota, whose members are drifting in the ocean throughout their life. Initially, Medusa freezes, stretching its tentacles, which indicates readiness to attack. Bright red channels inside the body are connected within the yellow objects which are possibly organs of reproduction.

The mission of the Okeanos Explorer ship will last about three months, and in addition to the Mariana trench, Northern Mariana Islands and the group of Islands and atolls of Papahanaumokuakea will also be explored. The main goal is searching for new species of marine creatures and hydrothermal sources.