Ultrasonar Device Saves Yakutia from Seasonal Flooding


Professional rescuers are pretty much sure: the essential part of salvation of the largest Russian republic from flooding is in prediction of potential high water spots. Or, as the doctors say, it is easier to cure the reason, not the illness! The reason of flooding is hanging ice clogging on Yakut rivers. This dangerous phenomenon would be revealed in advance with an ultrasonar research. This season emergency experts of Yakutia are planning to use the new ultrasonar device, PIKOR-Ice 2M. It would measure the thickness of ice in the most dangerous spots, and if it is close to critical, the rescuers would crush it – and no flooding! 

Floods in Yakutia will be predicted with an ultrasonar device

This unique device it yet to be approved in flood prevention measures. Last tests are outlined on a warmer season: Yakutia is still frozen with bitter February coldness. If this method is proven effective, the republic authorities would save a half-a-year budget. For example, last spring season high waters affected the lives of over two thousand people, while economic loss reached 1.2 billion roubles.

Photo: Official website of Sakha-Yakutia Administration.