Ukrainian Military Launches Training Program for Dolphins


Ukrainian Navy specialists decided to revive the experimental techniques developed by the USSR Military and launch a training center for dolphins. Ten aphalina dolphins are already selected as trainees of the Navy Educational Center at the Black Sea. They will be trained to protect Ukrainian ships from sabotage and deepwater mines. Besides that, they would work as aimers for attacks of small submarines and groups of swimmers.

Dolphins are the smartest animals on Earth. This is why the military always wanted to use them

The methods of dolphin training were developed in the USSR, but ever since then they were improved and adapted to modern life, a source in the Ukrainian millitary says. The dolphins would also be equipped with sensors for tracking and sending commands. However, this equpment has not run through all necessary field tests yet. 

Dolphins are long used for military needs of different countries. For example, the US Navy runs several training centers for the smartest mammals on Earth. It is planned though, that these programs are to be closed. It is not really ethical to use animals as soldiers, and they would be replaced with robots.

Photo: Shutterstock.