Two Beaches Of Paphos District, Cyprus, Destroyed By The Earthquake


Powerful earthquake in the Mediterranean that occurred in December 2013 brought irreversible changes to the Western coastline of Cyprus. Seawater flooded two of three beaches in the resort town of Polis, Paphos District. These beaches were the main attraction of the land for both tourists and local residents. The two diminished beaches are the Eucalyptus Beach and Latchi Marina coastline. Both were certified as the Blue Flag Beaches due to their high environmental value, safety and water quality.

Powerful earthquake destroyed two popular Cyprus leisure spots in Paphos District

Coastline of the beaches moved closer to the local resorts by 40 km in average over the past two weeks. Paphos Disrtict authorities have already considered the earthquake consequences as a natural disaster, since the two beaches were tourist, environmental and economic landmarks of the district. The possibility of restoration of the coastline before the high season starts is already being assumed and estimated.