Traces of Rain Reveal Prehistoric Atmosphere of Earth


Атмосфера древней Земли была плотнее, чем сейчасGeologists from the USA explored traces of raindrops in the highlands of South Africa. The results they obtained lead to a significant discovery: why oceans were in liquid state regardless of extremely low heat index of the young Sun. During Earth's early age Sun produced at least one third less of radiation, which led to the lack of heating, comparing to nowadays. Primal ocean of the planet was supposed to be frozen, however, it had never happened. Recently scientists came close to unveiling of this mystic fact.

Researchers found a layer of petrified volcanic ashes with traces of rain on it in South African Republic. Their shape led to a version that dense atmosphere of young Earth was more saturated with greenhouse gases, which wouldn't let the water freeze.

Scientists suppose that this research could correct the conditions for the possibility of life at exoplanets.