Tourists Destroy Water Balance in Poor Countries


All Water For TouristsAccording to the latest research, tourists that visit developing countries devastate scarce water resources, making locals suffer from thirst.

People that choose Goa, Gambian coastline or Bali as their vacation destination consume 16 times more water than local residents. While locals yearn to save every drop, tourists spend tons of water in jacuzzi and swimming pools, relax near hotel fountains and play golf on fields that are watered several times a day to keep them decent in tropical heat.

For instance, an average Tanzanian household spends not more than 93 liters of water per day, while daily consumption of water in a nearby 5-star hotel is about three thousand liters per one room! Such hyperconsumption of scarce resources leads to conflicts between locals and hotel owners and to spreading of water-borne diseases. 

Tourists that visit developing countries should always keep this in mind and keep track of every water drop they spend: this is what ethical tourism stands for.