THIS Toothbrushes: Good for Gums, Safe for Ecology


THS tooth stick is 100% biodegradableIt’s hard to imagine our lives without a toothbrush. However, they are not really safe for the environment: they are made of plastic, while toothpaste may contain harsh cleansing agents. Unfortunately, organic options are not always a good alternative: for example, natural bristles are a perfect home for bacteria.

Those who care for the environment can finally breathe out: designer Leen Sadder invented a new mouthcare product THIS. Leen studied Middle East practices of tooth cleaning with a miswak – twig made of arac tree, Persica Salvadora. Now she suggests a new totally biodegradable and eco-friendly product. Miswak is made of arak roots – Arabs split its fiber into bristles by chewing on it. THIS has a gadget for “chewing” on its fiber. Miswak is good not only for the environment, but for your teeth as well – it contains tannin which heals gum bleeding and inflammation. 

Miswak is a traditional practice of tooth cleaning