There Might Be Life on Europe. But We'll Never Know It


When we wrote 'Europe', we never meant the continent at the eastern coast of the Atlantic. As a matter of fact, it is a lonely planet far, far away. Or, to be precise, a satellite of Jupiter, fifth planet of the Solar System. It is hard to understand why we put so much effort searching for at least a waterdrop on Mars, when a whole surface of another astronomical object is proven to be an ocean of water! However, the research of the deep space is yet a very expensive thing: by 2016 the USA government plans to sequester them completely.

Presence of water on Europe is proven: it is covered with ice!

Some experts of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA say that life on Europe is much more possible than on Mars. According to their hypothese, all essential conditions of life are evident: there is water, ice and oxidizing agents. If there is not even a sigle germ on Europe, we migh at least colonize it! However, all NASA projects aimed at further researches of Jupiter's satellite were closed due to high costs and technical imperfections. Oh well, all we have left now is treat our own oceans on Earth more carefully.

Photo: NASA.