The Most Lifeless Water Bodies on Earth


There are several water bodies on this planet that are not suited for any living creatures like fish or water plants at all. The only form of life ever found there is the simplest and the toughest one – bacteria. Explore the most amazing dead water bodies on Earth with Da-Voda!

The most obvious start of this virtual journey is the Dead Sea. However, it is not as dead as it could be: the saltiest sea on Earth is a wonderful habitat for halophile bacteria that nourishes on salt.

The Dead Sea


After all, at least you could swim in the Dead Sea, which is hard to imagine in the Pitch Lake, Trinidad. It is the largest natural bitumen lake in the world. Is it possible that a lake of boiling asphalt could actually be inhabited by any living creatures? Scientists say yes: latest research revealed that one gram of the lake contains up to 10 million germs!

Pitch Lake, natural bitumen reservoir


Underwater thermal springs would boil any human being alive within just minutes. However, it is not a seafood soup – more like a seafood bath. For example, underwater hot springs in the Pacific are inhabited by ring worms and gigantic mollusks, and Atlantic seabed is the place where eyeless shrimps live.

Hydrothermal spring in the Atlantic


The Mediterranean Sea is also on the list: barely any being could survive in oxygen-free highly salted mud on its bed. Actually, this residue also contains toxic sulfides. But this place is a home for a multicellular form of life – loricifera, a tiny creature somewhat resembling a jellyfish.


We think that it’s good news. Regardless of any global catastrophes this planet will remain inhabited, which might give the humankind a second chance…