The Largest Alligator Found in US


Moreover, a female of alligator was found. Mandy Stocks, a hunter and taxidermist from Alabama traced and killed a monster from one of the rivers in the South-Wwest of the state. The woman was not alone, her family helped her to do it. But even though the hunting dured about 5 hours.

The animal is almost 5 meters long (with a head of 80 cm), weighting 460 kg. The record was fixed by an international hunting organization «Safari Club International» on Stocks family farm. By the way, there was a funny thing: when the predator was being weighted, the rope broke as the animal was too heavy. While the body of the alligator was being ripped, adult deer carcass was found inside its stimach. The predator swallowed it with almost no chewing. Parameters of prevous recodsman founf in Texas were 4,5 meters and 380 kg. Breeding alligators for their meat and skin is widely spread in Texas, Florida and Louisiana. These reptiles live up to 70 years in wild nature.