Sweet Lake: When Candies Are Good for You


Озеро СладкоеThere is an amazing lake in the north-east of Chelyabinsk region of Russia. Locals call it Sladkoye, which means "sweet" in Russian. Its waters are really somewhat sweet, and residents of Chelyabinsk region are proud to tell that it is the sweetest lake in the world.

Its square territory is rather small – only 0.32 square km. Its depth does not impress either, reaching 3 meters at maximum. But who says that size matters? Sweet lake contains the largest concentration of minerals – 124.8 mg per liter, which makes it one of the healthiest lakes in the world.

Sweetness of Sladkoye’s waters could be easily explained: it contains sodium chloride, or salt, and sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, that, when mixed, give the sweet taste.

By the way, lake shores look like they’re made of sugar, too: due to high concentration of minerals they are all white.

There is a similar sweet lake in India, however, scientists are sure that the Sladkoye Lake is somewhat sweeter.