Supposedly Pregnant Grey Seal Cow Inhabits A Baltic Beach In Russia


Grey seal cow spends most of her time on the Baltic beach near the town of Sokolniki in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russian exclave in Central Europe. Local experts assume that the seal is a pregnant cow, and she stays on the beach to get ready for the delivery. They even put a handmade sign stating this fact, while local residents organized daily patrols to protect the animal from curious tourists and bullies. The cow was examined by The Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources and Ministry of Emergency Situations specialists. The animal was considered healthy.

Grey seal cow looks unhealthy, but local authorities assume she is pregnant

However, the experts of Marine Mammals Rehabilitation Center of Leningrad Oblast who deal with grey seals of the Gulf of Finland, do not find this situation as optimistic. "She looks unhealthy, as if she were sick due to some infection or simply old", they say. Grey seals of the Baltic usually bring pups in February, so it's too early for the cow to look for a place for delivery. Local residents think basically the same thing. "We met this girl yesterday. She's not looking good, but they say she's going to become a mom", – Kaliningrad resident Denis Bogdanov wrote on his social network page.