Super Iceberg Wanders in the Atlantic


Gigantic piece of Antarctic ice with the territory of over 500 square kilometers affects climatic processes of the Atlantic. It is oval in shape, and by January 27 its length was 26 kilometers, and its width reached 18.5 kilometers. It is one of the largest icebergs in the world throughout all history of glaciologic observations.

Gigantic iceberg has been floating in the Atlantic for ten years now

Super iceberg that bears the name of C-19B is actually what is left of the second largest iceberg in history, C-19 which calved off Ross Ice Shelf in May 2002. Little icy barely lost anything in size over the past ten years, and its square territory now is equivalent to one-third of St. Petersburg, Russia. This iceberg affects the ice forming processes in the Ross Sea near the shores of the Antarctic. Since it shades the sun, it led to reduction of phytoplankton levels in the South Atlantic.

Photo: Aqua Satellite, NASA.