Sun Islands To Be Constructed on Switzerland's Lakes


First floating solar power stations would be constructed on the lake of Neuchatel by August 2013. The project was developed by two Swiss companies that, apparently, managed to fulfill the most unbelievable dreams of futurologists. The results of their work are available online in details. It is scheduled that the three solar power stations would work on the lake waters for 25 years.

Floating solar power plants are a lot more efficient than conventional ones

Diameter of each power station is 25 meters. Each would carry one hundred PV panels, devices that gather solar energy. Each panel would be installed at a 45 degree angle to the next one. During the day the islands would track the sunlight and turn to the sun by 220 degrees. Floating power stations would be connected with energy consumers on the shores by an underwater cable. In order to prevent unwanted floatation, each island would be attached to the lake bed by a system of concrete blocks. The future is coming on, as they sing, heh?