SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" and Neva Crawfish Are Ready For Your Congratulations


Водоканал победил в престижном международном конкурсеSUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" is this year's winner of EFQM contest, highly renowned international competition. This year main topic of the contest was creative use of social media, and Neva Crawfish, main character of, appeared to be world's best!

Da-Voda is a joint project of SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" and 2PR Communications Agency. Speaking on behalf of the Internet project, Neva Crawfish helps to form careful attitude towards household water and water resources. Neva Crawfish explains why people shouldn't take water for granted and waste it carelessly, what gadgets might help people consume less water and how to save on water bills at home. 

Da-Voda team presented an English version of videolesson "Neva Crayfish and his friends". Somewhat controversial, but smart and charming character was chosen by both Internet users and highly professional international jury committee.

Members of EFQM Committee also mentioned that they were impressed by wonderful example of social media use by an organization that doesn't have an urgent need in online communication. Besides, water supplier of Scotland, Great Britain, was also impressed by Da-Voda and its social media concept.

It is not the first award won by In 2010 it won the Award of Runet (Russian segment of the Internet), and in 2011 it was recognized as the best social project by PROBA/IPRA Awards.