Stones Formed On Lake Michigan


Strange ice balls formed again on Lake Michigan (USA), which is part of the Great Lakes system. And this time the diameter of ice boulders was about one and a half meters. They were shot by one of the local photographers on December 31st on the Suttons Bay beach, but when he returned to the same place the next morning, there were no boulders. Most likely, ice balls were blown away by the wind which changed its direction at night.

The nature of this remarkable phenomenon is understandable. Under certain circumstances, the pieces of ice break off the lake. They are made smooth by waves and become rounded. And while they splash in the water, they overgrow with new and new layers of water. Last year, when the phenomenon was observed for the first time thousands of tourists came to Lake Michigan. And the local authorities were very much afraid that the ice can not hold them. Moreover, rarely the lake freezes completely, for example, now ice covers only about one fifth of its surface.