Southern Ocean Around Antarctica Becomes Fresh


One more evidence of climate change in Antarctica is obtained: for half a century, the surface layer of water in the ocean surrounding the continent is becoming less and less salty. The reason is glaciers melting. Melted water dilutes the surface layers, preventing them from mixing with warmer and more salty deep waters. This conclusion was made by experts, who has been watching the ice around Antarctica since 1970.

Weddell Sea freezes for winter now

Those years first satellite images of the Southern Ocean were just received, showing a huge ice-hole, comparable with New Zealand, in the Weddell Sea. It was named «the last gasp» of the Southern Ocean. Surface water mixed with warm water from the deep and the sea never freezed in winter in this place. However, the last forty years ice-hole didn't exist anymore and the amount of salt water in warm deep layers decreased.