Sludge Sorbent Fights Filth


Омские ученые получили премию губернатора за изобретение сорбентаScientists from Omsk, Russia, developed a new technology of wastewater treatment. It appears to be cheaper, more effective and faster, than all existing methods.

Researchers had been working on a new unique sorbent that could combat any type of waste in water. It is made from sapropel, freshwater sludge sediments. This material is abundant in any lake or river on Earth, and it is really easy to access, which makes the price of the sorbent extremely low.

Scientists from the State University of Omsk suggest using sludge to treat industrial wastewaters: they are rich in organic matter and metal ions.

This research has already been evaluated by regional authorities: chemists from Omsk were granted a governor’s award. Researchers are planning to improve their invention furthermore. They are working on a sorbent that could extract cuprum ions from wastewater: cupric pollution is one of major ecological issues in Omsk and its surroundings.