Singapore Scientists Explore a Hundred of New Species


Singapore water zone hides thousands of unexplored speciesBiologists from Singapore have discovered several important issues while working on marine biodiversity project. They have explored about a hundred previously unknown marine species within the Singapore water area.

First step of Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey, a three-year scientific program, was performed in the littoral zone. Biologists are especially proud of mangrove goby, shelf shrimp and a new species of sea anemone all covered with bumps and warts. The researchers called the latter Bill: so far he is the only one individual of this species ever found.

Mangrove goby and shelf shrimp are somewhat similar to other species in their genera from South-Eastern Asia. However, the scientists performed a genetic test to prove the uniqueness of these creatures.

Next step of the research program will include a study of coral reef flora and fauna.