Simferopol Reservoir Frozen Throughout


The reservoir, shallowed in summer, became frozen at night, when abnormally cold temperature established in Simferopol. The thermometer fell to minus 20 degrees by Celsius. In normal winter ice formation on the waters of the Crimea does not happen at all.

Этот зимний пейзаж – не в Сибири и не в Мурманске. Это южный полуостров Крым

However, to use the reservoir as a skating rink is impossible, the Crimean department of State Inspectorate for Small Vessels warns. Because of the large difference of temperatures during the day and night steady ice melts rapidly, and might not be able to withstand body weight. Therefore, emergency workers are on duty along the banks of the frozen bodies of water - to prevent Simferopol residence step on the ice.