Ships Are Sank To Close Dam Breach In Germany


Flood that flooded half of Europe has recently come to Germany: water broke through the dam on the Elbe River near the city of Magdeburg. Water poured into the lowlands and spilled on the territory of two hundred square kilometers, more than 8000 people were evacuated.

Water broke through the dam on the Elbe River near the city of Magdeburg

Several attempts to close the breach in the dam were not successful - instead of fifty meters it grew to ninety. The military are now taking unprecedented measures: they blow up and sink barges with gravel to close the breach. Thousand of sandbags are dumped down as well. These measures haven’t closed the gap, but reduced it to 20 meters. Crisis headquarters continues its work and it’s not clear yet will the 3rd barge be the last.

Forecasters warn that the cities, standing on the Elbe, are in danger of full flooding. News releases on German channels start with weather reports. At the same time, the locals remain calm and united.As it was previously stated the Poland, Austria , Slovakia and Hungary have been also suffering from the flood from June.