Sharks Want to Leave People Without Internet


While we are peacefully reading news and surf social media, a real fight for the right to get information is happening on the bottom of the Pacific ocean. The fact is that ocean sharks more often attack Internet cables which lie on the bottom of the ocean, taking them as a catch. Internet giant Google, who had already suffered significant losses, announced about strengthening the protection of their wire with special fiber, similar by its properties to Kevlar, which is used in manufacturing of body armor.

Problems with sharks appeared because of the unique ability of these predators called electroreception

Problems with sharks appeared because of electroreception, the unique ability of these predators. To put it simply, sharks are very sensitive to electric fields, emitted by leaving creatures. This feature of sharks and some other kinds of fish is supported by a special sensory organ, mucous glands in the skin, called the ampullae of Lorenzini. Marine biologists assumed that electric fields of wire and the ones of sharks victims are somehow similar which makes these fish bite them so furiously. It should be noted that the problems with the bottom cables may arise not only because of sharks. Every year about fifty damages are fixed around the world due to fishing trawlers, earthquakes, and just a huge water pressure.