Sharks Prefer Men To Kill


After calculations made by Australian specialists from Bond University, women can bathe safely, but men have reasons to worry. According to the statistics of 30 years, about 89% of shark bites are the results of attacks at men.

The most shark-dangerous region was Australia – 171 attacks

Besides sex differentiation, scientists published regional statistics. The most shark-dangerous region was Australia – 171 attacks, 32 of which were lethal. The second one was South Africa – 132 attacks with 28 ones lethal. In general, the USA took the first place, but there were less percentage of lethal accidents (3,6%), which is connected with the fact that just small kinds of shark inhabit costs of the US. Unfortunately, there's a return statistics which shows that for some kinds of sharks (mostly inhabiting North-West of Atlantics, where people eat shark meat) man is the only enemy. There's less than 25% of the population left in those areas.