Scientists: There Are No Life Conditions in Ocean of Pluto


Huge ocean discovered by scientists on Pluto is hardly suitable for living organisms, especially fish. This conclusion was made by the specialists of the University of Washington in St. Louis (USA).

Scientists: There Are No Life Conditions for in Ocean of Pluto

Previously it was assumed that the subglacial ocean has similarities with the Dead Sea on Earth where despite a high concentration of salt (30%) germs and fungi survive. However, the quantity of salts as well as ammonia and methanol in the ocean of Pluto is much higher. Due to this water remains liquid at temperatures down to minus 148 degrees Celsius. According to scientists, no one of life forms known on the Earth is possible in such conditions. Recently chemists are trying to artificially grow the organisms in this environment – and if their experiments succeed, we could say that the potential inhabitants of the ocean on Pluto still exist.