Scientists: Mariana Trench Is Inhabited by Bacteria


Or should we say, it is overpopulated by microorganisms! Deepwater research was performed with specially designed equipment, because the bacteria will never be able to survive the pressure gap. The germs live in extreme – by human measures – conditions: without any light and under a pressure of several thousand atmospheres. The bacterial colonies live deep down in the trench.

Deepwater trenches appear to be overpopulated by bacteria

Another amazing discovery made by scientists is that the farther we go from the ocean surface, the more bacteria there are. As a matter of fact, there are ten times more bacteria by the bed of the Mariana Trench, then by the sea bed at regular depths. It could be explained rather easily: the deeper it is, the more food gets inside: plankton and remains of other living creatures.

Photo: Shutterstock.