Scientists Found Cause of Giant Shark Extinction


According to the international team of paleontologists, the Megalodon could disappear due to climate change. This version is based on data on diet of the largest sharks in the world.

Scientists Found Cause of Giant Shark Extinction

The scratches and chips on the bones of various sea animals helped to find out what these predators exactly ate. It turned out that the Megalodon ate small mammals, including whales. In particular, it was managed to find the marks of huge teeth on the bones of ancient cetaceans Piscobalaena nana, the size of which was not more than five meters long.

With the onset of the ice age the small whales became extinct, and large marine animals migrated to the open ocean from the coastal areas where Megalodon lived. In the end, the giants were left without food.

Previously, the extinction of the Megalodon was also explained by a decrease in species diversity of victims and the emergence of the new predators and competitors.