Scientists Discovered Why Seahorses Need Square Tail


It turns out that seahorses cling so tightly to corals and algae because their tail has a square form in cross section. This discovery has been interesting for engineers who intend to create tools that work on the same principle. Fish use tail to move in the water, and sea horse use it to stick to the ground and sit in ambush, waiting for prey. Monkeys, rats, geckos - all these creatures have soft and cylindrical tails. And the one of seahorse consists of square prisms.

The tail helps seahorse to get food

To study the mechanism which helps in hunting, scientists created a 3D-model of its tail and compared it to a simple model, circular in cross-section. It turned out that square tail is much more powerful, lighter and stronger. Scientists intend to use this principle for the development of robotics. For example, in laparoscopic surgery flexible metal tail can easily get where needed and make any operation.