Scientists Detect More Ice in the Arctic Seas


Climatologists assume that the square territory of seasonal ice of the White and the Barents Seas has increased significantly during this winter. For example, the White Sea is completely covered with ice! The research of the Arctic ice shield is performed annually by the National Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of St. Petersburg, Russia. Total square territory of winter ice shield has grown to 14,082.2 thousand square kilometers, which is by 194 thousand more than in 2012, but still by 5% less than the average quantity.

Arctic ice shrinks, while Antarctic ice grows

The Antarctic region, on the opposite, has been growing the ice shield over the past years, say the researchers. By January 27, total square territory of ice shield reached 4766 thousand square kilometers, which is 16% more, than average. Most ice is gathered in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans sector.