Scientists: Debris Littered World Oceans


A large-scale study of the World Ocean seabed, carried out by recently by an international team of scientists, has revealed a very sad trend. Debris is everywhere: both in coastal waters and in deep oceanic snaps and troughs. They are littered mostly with plastic elements like remains of packages, buckets, jars and containers. Moreover, wreckages of the old furniture were found, as well as ships remains and old shoes. The presence of debris in coastal waters, for example, in Biscay or the Gulf of Lions, is clear. But the scientists were unpleasantly astonished by its presense on bottoms of deep underwater canyons.

Scientists: debris littered World Oceans

For example, the bottom of the Charlie Gibbs transform snap located at the junction of the Eurasian and North American plates in the Atlantic Ocean at a distance of more than two thousand kilometers from the coast was found littered with debris. And the main source of pollution was plastic bags. Previously it was thought that they float on the water surface, but the new study suggests that they find their last refuge at the bottom of the underwater hollows.