Saving Water Became a Cult in Santa Monica


Residents of California had several terrible months as they were forced to conserve water because of unprecedented drought. The most enthusiastic were the citizens of Santa Monica, which population is 92 000 people. By 2020 they are going to refuse from imported water at all. This is a laudable goal, especially taking into account that from the first sight Santa Monica has no own water: underground sources have been contaminated by wastewater from local factories long ago and aboveground sources have dried.

Saving water became a cult in Santa Monica

However, local residents are not losing their hearts. For instance, one of the local residents showed everyone a great example by equipping her home with rainwater collecting tanks with 205 liters capacity. Both neighbours and local authorities supported her. Now only those citizens are allowed to the town beach for free who set up collecting rainwater systems and use "gray" waste water for watering plants. And it means that water independence sought by residents of Santa Monica is not so unachievable!