Santa Goes Diving


Mexican Santa prefers fins and snorkle to the deer sledge!

We typically imagine Santa Claus among elves and dwarves, packing presents for good children in his deer sledge. However, in some countries the Christmas saint apparently made friends with some marine wildlife instead! In Mexico Santa grabbed his fins and snorkle and went diving.

Christmas magic is everywhere on Earth – including deep waters! That is what staff of Guadalajara national zoo meant to say when they put Santa to an aquarium. Other parts of his outfit are rather conventional: white beard, red and white coat and red hat, completed with some underwater equipment. Some say it makes Mr. Claus look even funnier and cuter!

Underwater Santa gained huge popularity during Christmas holidays. Zoo visitors queued to make a picture with him, while he swam closer and froze in hilarious positions. Besides that Santa managed to ring the bell calling for Christmas!

By the way, Mexican Santa is not all that unique: a US diving center network located in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah has its own underwater Santa who would also listen to a kid's wishes – if a kid manages to speak them out swimming in an aqualung. 

Diving Santa also comes to Christmas Tokyo. He holds a spectacular performance, a culmination of which occcurs when Santa rises a silver star above his head, and a bunch of tiny silver sparkling fishes gathers around him in the shape of the Christmas tree.