Sailors and Fishermen Help Scientists to Measure Plankton


Marine Institute of Plymouth University launches the largest research of plankton quantity in the Oceans. Small crustaceans and algae, or plankton, are the base of marine food chain, and if anything happens to it, it would affect all the sea. However, there is a theory that concentration of plankton in seas all around the world has dropped by 40% since 1950s due to the rise of average temperature in the oceans. There were no researches ever performed to prove this hypothese, though.

If the concentration of plankton drops, it would affect the whole marine biosphere, and, eventually, us, humans

All sailors and fishermen will be given a white disc attached to a measuring tape. When dipped in the water, this disc will eventually become invisible. Whenever it happens, a person is supposed to photograph it via an application installed on his smartphone. As soon as the vessel returns to the port, the smartphone would catch the network again and add the obtained data to the project database. This will improve our knowledge about plankton quantities in the seas eventually, scientists assume.

Photo: Shutterstock.