Russian Scientists Start Examination of Vostok Lake Ice


Samples of ice extracted from the Antarctic lake of Vostok are to be yet examined by the scientists. However, the tests of its physical properties have been already performed. As we have informed before, members of Russian Antarctic expedition recently started drilling the Vostok Lake. They found a sample of bright white ice at the depth of 3383 meters. Transparent freshwater ice was discovered at the depth of 3406 meters.

Academic Fyodorov polar vessel will deliver the ice samples to St. Petersburg by May 2013

Russian lab experts will try to find any traces of organic life in the samples. "Academic Fyodorov", a polar vessel, would deliver the samples to St. Petersburg by May 2013.

So far the scientists managed to study its simple physical properties, such as electrical conductivity. Part of the ice samples is to stay at the Russian Antarctic station. Scientists also plan to perform isotopic, gas and other chemical examinations. So far, the members of the expedition finished the analysis of the samples. They state that the new ice has "heterogenous radial beam structure with a maximum concentration of gas and other impurities near the hole axis".

As we have mentioned before, Vostok is a unique Antarctic freshwater lake. Its square territory is 30 times bigger than that of Lake Geneva. It has been captured under a thick ice shield for over 15 million years. If the scientists succeed in their searches for life in the lake, it would completely change our perception of the evolution processes on Earth.