Russian Meteorologists Launch Argo Project to Study the Oceans


Global experiment launched by Russian meteorologists would help to reveal oceanic processes that influence the climate on Earth.

The Argo experiment was launched in 2007. It is a global network of three thousand oceanic probes that ply the waters measuring its temperature, salinity and density along with velocity and dicrection of underwater currents. The probes also dive at a programmed depth to perform the measurements. After that they rise to the water surface. All obtained data is transmitted to the scientific centers via satellite connection.

One of Argo probes at work

– As a result of this experiment, in ten to fifteen years we will know as much about the World ocean as we know about the atmosphere, – says Roman Vilfand, head of Hydrometeorological Center of Russian Federation. – So far the ocean was terra incognita for us, or, so to say, aqua incognita.

Who knows, maybe in a decade jokes about weather forecasts won't amuse us anymore...