River Lena pollutes the Arctic Ocean


The Lena River was added to the list of the rivers that pollute the waters of the Arctic Ocean. Nowadays 25 000 tons of oil (out of 500 000 tons of oil) get from the Lena River. The United Nations Environment Program report (UNEP) has the information about the most contaminated Siberian Rivers: the Yenisei River pollutes the waters of the Arctic Ocean with 225 000 tons of oil, the Ob River – with 125 000 tons of oil. The Lena River is ranked third.

The Lena River has also faced the pollution problem. Unfortunately, in spite of the already taken steps towards its solution, the problem has not been solved: the Internet has a plenty of videos that show how motor oil pollutes the waters of the river. As the result there are serious pollution problems in the Arctic. 

Not all of us understand how dangerous the pollution of the Lena River is. Fish (poisoned with toxins) will do a lot of harm to health of people.