Red Tides Kill Sea Turtles of Salvador


More than 120 rare sea turtles were found dead on the beaches of Salvador, a small country in Central America. The cause of fatalities is yet to be established, but the most likely reason is the rapid bloom of toxic blue-green algae resulting in the so-called red tides, experts assume. Several turtle bodies are sent to the laboratory for examination, which could finalize the cause of mass death of the reptiles facing the soonest extinction. Some turtles are examined in better-equipped labs of neighboring Mexico.

Red tides are the most likely cause of death of over 600 rare sea turtles in Salvador

About 120 bodies of sea turtles have been discovered ashore, and still counting. We might never know how many reptiles were killed by the red tide, since only 20% of carcasses are ever brought to the shores, while the rest remaining in the sea. Thus, the death toll expands to 600 turtles, biologists suppose.