Record-Breaker Carp Caught In Thailand by a British Fisherman


Keith Williams caught a giant fish on his 56th birthday. This happy event occured at the resort town of Krabi, located on the shore of the Andaman Sea. The giant carp weighs somewhat 60 pounds, and it took only 25 minutes for Mr. Williams to catch it. However, it is not yet clarified whether this achievement is to be recorded at the Guinness Book of Records. It is the International Association of Sports Fishing that has to take the fair decision.

The largest freshwater fish ever caught with the proud fisherman and his friend

Keith Williams had a special feeling this day prior to the event. He had an insight he was about to catch the fish of his dreams, a hefty carp! He shared the hint spotlighted by his intuition with the owner of a small hotel where he was accomodated. It is likely that the giant carp will be the largest freshwater fish ever caught. Currently, the record belongs to Terry Mather, who caught a 51-pound catfish in the Mekong River of northern Thailand.