Rainy Summer 2012 Still Feeds Sweden with Electricity


Rainfall records of summer 2012 were not exactly what people needed to enjoy their summer vacation. Let's say you plan to spend two weeks of summer heat outdoors, but all you do is sit by the window and watch the raindrops smear all over your window glass... An estimated level of 790 mm of showers set the third record in the history of weather observations that are held in Sweden since 1860. Local records were set in several cities of the country as well.

Swedes get all they can from rainwater

However, the Swedes are not used to take heavenly waters for granted. We'd just flush it down the sewer, but they collected it in hydropower plant reservoirs across the country. Hydropower plants hold the largest share of Sweden's electricity production. Now you see the point: heavy rainfall led to dropping of electricity prices unbelievably low this winter! Rainwater already made over 160 terawatt-hours, and still counting.