Portuguese Men-of-War Attack Russians in Thailand


A young Russian girl was attacked by a jellyfish on a Thai beach. 24-year-old Dinara Hayranova was urgently hospitalized in one of the local hospitals. Poisonous bluebottle jellyfish (Physalia) stung the girl while she was bathing on the Nai Thon beach on the west coast of Phuket. Bluebottles, also known as Portuguese men-of-war, has been noticed on the beach this summer many times. In two weeks beach staff collected about two dozen individuals, but as usual nobody blew the whistle until the first emergency.

Медуза физалия

Rescuers heard woman cry in the sea around noon. Beach staff managed to pull the girl on the land where they saw a sea animal sticked to a poor girl's hand. They managed to remove it, but Dinara had breathing difficulties and the rescuers use an oxygen mask, which is a part of their arsenal. That's how they waited the emrgency. The tourist was taken to hospital, from where he was shortly released after treating.

Фото: Shutterstock