Plush Crabs Found In Antarctica


Hairy crabs, found by scientists in Antarctica, not only look unusual, but also demonstrate great abilities.

The first colony of plush crustaceans were observed in the Scotia Sea at a depth of more than 2.6 thousand meters. There are many sources of thermal water which is heated to 400 Celsius degrees, while the temperature at the surface is not more than 6 degrees.

 Plush Crabs Found In Antarctica

Hairy crabs, got the scientific name of Kiwa tyleri, are always at an optimal distance from the source, so as not to overheat and not too get cold. Representatives of this type tend to support their own kind. To warm up, they gather in large groups and are press together. Experts note that an area of ​​1 sq. m can accommodate the company of 700 individuals.

They can also be compared in agility to Spider-Man. They are easy to move around the vertical walls of the thermal springs. And hairy crabs do not have to worry about food. Hair on their body become home for a variety of bacteria who these strange arctic creatures eat.