Plastic Waste Poisons Marine Birds


Northern FulmarPlastic pollution of the World Ocean affects its inhabitants in the worst possible way. Scientists examined the dead carcasses of marine birds found on the east coast of North America. It appeared to be that stomachs of 90% of them are stuffed with plastic waste. After comparing these shocking conclusions with data from previous researches, the ecologists state that level of plastic pollution has increased significantly over past few years.

Marine birds are one of the indicators of plastic pollution of the Oceans, scientists say. Their stomachs depict the level of pollution of the north-western coast of the Pacific. 

This time scientists examined 67 bodies of northern fulmars, marine birds of Procellariidae family. Each of them contained on the average 36.8 pieces of plastic waste weighing 0.4 grams. One of the fulmars managed to consume 454 pieces of plastic! Fulmar weighs about three kilos, and if it were a human, it would have had about 50 grams of plastic in its stomach. 

Ecologists plan to conduct such examinations regularly to monitor the level of plastic pollution of the Oceans.