Plastic Bags Banned in France


Now the French will not be able to use thin disposable plastic bags in supermarkets, gas stations, bakeries, pharmacies and markets. Previously up to 5 billion packages were spent in the shops of the country during one year.

Plastic Bags Banned in France

More dense packages, which are usually used in fruit and vegetable shops, will be prohibited only from 01.01.17, but now sellers are gradually replacing them by paper bags.

Bags made from films with thickness more than 50 microns will remain on sale as reusable. An exception is made for packages produced with the addition of starch – they decompose faster than usual ones. According to the new law, the content of such biomaterials in 2025 should be at least 60%.

Plastic bags are regularly found in the stomachs of dead animals and birds, in addition, a large number of films form drifting Islands in the ocean. Environmentalists around the world continue to fight for a ban on free bags in supermarkets – even such a ban will substantially reduce «waste footprint» of the mankind.