will Help to Build Snow Houses for Seals


Baltic Seal Friends Foundation has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website - fundraising is being carried out for the construction of shelters for the young seals. On the project page everyone can contribute to the conservation of marine mammals rare species. will Help to Build Snow Houses for Seals

The Baltic ringed seal is a representative of the rare species of pinnipeds of our region's - no more than 200 individuals remained in the Gulf of Finland. Females feed offspring in snowy "houses", the entrance to which is under water. Such shelters protect pups from cold, wind and predators attacks. However, in conditions of abnormally warm and snowless winters, seals cannot grow puppies this way, and the pups mortality significantly increases.

The problem solution was found by the Friends of the Baltic Sea Fund specialists Vyacheslav Alekseev and Elena Andrievskaya. Using the experience of their colleagues from Finland, they intend to build the snow mounds themselves, which will become "homes" for the little ones. These zoologists will be engaged in the winter, however, preparations for construction have already begun: they need to acquire the necessary equipment, including aeroboat, winter tent, snow shovels and other equipment. To do this, additional funds are needed, therefore, together with the platform, the Foundation seeks support for everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of marine mammals and is ready to donate for their salvation.

More details about the campaign you will find on the project page. To know more about the Fund visit the official site.

Activities on the rehabilitation of pinnipeds experts of the Foundation are conducted in the Center for the Study and Conservation of Marine Mammals of the St. Petersburg Vodokanal.