Pig-Nosed Turtles Are Threatened by Water Pollution


Several kinds of turtles are quite different from what we are used to. One of them is pig-nosed tortoise that inhabits Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.

Pig-nosed tortoise is a unique reptile, as it is the only one kind of tortoises from Carettochelys insculpt species that is not extinct nowadays. A shell of an adult is 56 meters long; its weight is 23 kilos. Its body and shell are olive drab, eyes are red. It’s called pig-nosed tortoise due to its trunk-like snout.

This tortoise inhabits freshwater river systems. This reptile has broad paddle-like flippers, each with two claws. Also it has oar-like pads. Existence of this tortoise shows the evolution that goes from a tortoise to a turtle species. It is also interesting, that sex of the embryo depends on the temperature where the eggs have been put to (29 degrees Celcius for male species, 32 degrees – for female).

Unfortunately, pig-nosed tortoises are at the edge of extinction due to severe pollution of their habitat. They are also prone to bacterial and fungal infections that contaminate the water with untreated sewage.